Need OG Computer Genius to Catch a Thief

Kinda Frat -

We have a Brick and Mortar store that also has an ebay store which sells our goods. Had an ex-employee in charge of the ebay store quit (Hours before we fired her for stealing).

1 week passes and she goes to our source manufacturer and uses our name and buys our goods with her parents money. (Graduation Money Business College Gift) She goes home, hacks into or finds out our passwords and logs into our ebay store and my personal email account on AOL. She destroys our entire ebay store and opens her own Ebay Store up 30 minutes later, steals our logo, sells her goods, etc. (Some of which was stolen for months from our store with the only witness a 7 year old kid)

Flash forward and we are trying to get her criminally and civilly. She cost us tens of thousands. The Detective on the case says we have a very good case with lots of evidence. Problem is, the IP address used to do the original hack was mine or the stores. (detective couldn't recall at moment) Case is dead in water. (Bitch also stole all my money out of my bank account right after she hacked into my personal emails.)

a. ebay is stupid and didn't give the correct info to detective, when they told me there were 2 ip addresses used the night of hack.
b. Aol was never contacted by detective because she hacked into my aol and took over my accounts temporarily and deleted 5,000 emails.
c. Her very smart hacker boyfriend (who told me last year he hacks and never gets caught) did this for her.

I'm not sure what an IP address is (computer location or internet address)

It's pretty obvious it's her, but case is dead in water without that ip address to link her. If it's the stores address or her computer address the hack happened right after we closed so did she park outside using our wifi?

I have a slam dunk case except for the ip address and am confused as to how it didn't go back to that bitch.

Any ideas how to get the ip address link to her?

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There are many ways she could have accomplished this. First you have to prevent her from stealing any more product. Change your wifi password. Change all your other email and product vendor ids and passwords.
The detective probably spoke to an ebay rep in India who had no fucking idea what was being asked of him or her. Ask the detective to call ebay back and speak with a different person to see if he can obtain the ip address of the offender.

Now if herboyfriend is a hacker then he probably has key loggers installed to grab your ids and passwords. Id backup only what you need and reinstall windows on any computers you have. Otherwise they'll just keep exploiting you.
If he's not really a hacker thenhe could just use RDP or Teamviewer to sign on to your computers while youre not in the office. Reinstalling windows and naming the computers something else will help fix that issue.
Now to obtain her current IP there are apps that cansend her an email and return her IP, but it will be the IP of the device she is using when she reads the email. So if she uses her phone, thats probably not going to be useful.

"my personal email account on AOL"...didn't even know AOL still existed.

Good luck

Additionally you can often obtain her IP address from an email she sent you. Has she sent you any within the past 14 days from her home computer? If yes it should be easy to obtain her IP. However if her boyfriend has her set up with a vpn, then theres not an easy way to obtain her true IP without going through a myriad of fuckwaddery.

However im sensing some of this may be a bit advanced for you. Id leave the investigative process to the pros.

I swear this exact thread was made a few years ago.

I remember this story. Either I'm having a ridiculously vivid episode of Deja vu, or this threads a repeat. Phone Post 3.0

Nitecrawler - I swear this exact thread was made a few years ago.

I remember this story. Either I'm having a ridiculously vivid episode of Deja vu, or this threads a repeat. Phone Post 3.0
I remember it as well. Phone Post 3.0

I just called aol and ebay again. Ebay was zero help but said there were 2 ip addresses used the hour of the hack, but aol was very helpful.

He said there were 2 dates when our account was hacked : (only told detective it was 1)
1. Date she quit
2. Night of hack

But ip address was bounced all over the USA, which tells me her boyfriend helped her.

I called detective and he's contacting ebay. Said he's tracking another ip address which wasn't ours, he thinks.

Hoping she slipped up once.

He said he would call me right back.

Good news is i busted my ass near 100 hours a week for months and rebuilt my ebay store, put her dumbass out of business (lowered my price and had her cut off at the stolen sources) and she lost thousands of mommy and daddys money.

Now, bitch works at a bank. She's ballsy considering she stole thousands out of my personal account at my bank and no idea how they hired her with a background check.

Also, with her gone we aren't losing tens of thousand through embezzling and theft anymore, so that's a plus. Phone Post 3.0