Need OG doctors. Wtf is this?

Op lives on Long Island not a ton of poisonous spiders around here. My bet is staph. Phone Post 3.0

RIP Oboe. Nice knowing ya homie.


Dr said its too early to tell. Its warm and he said if i start getting joint aches to head over to the hospital. Have some ointment and some antibiotics and have to take them 3xs a day.

I will post another picture tomorrow and we will see. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

cuzzi - Phone Post 3.0
My god fuck you :( Phone Post 3.0

Spider bites are extremely rare. Looks like staff. Phone Post 3.0

RIP Phone Post

It's probably herpes Phone Post 3.0

I had something similar looking. Popped it and blood came out and a small pit formed. It looked weird.

I cleaned it out thoroughly, bandaged it and took antibiotics. Went away and i was fine.

But i would recommend going to the hospital and getting it looked at. Phone Post 3.0

Well fuck.. 12:15 am.. 18 hours since ive seen it.. I am now getting another area just near it that is a bit raised and painful to the touch.

Right near my pinky..

Phone Post 3.0

Kind of hard to see.. But its just slightly pink... I have only felt this one for an hour or so now.. Phone Post 3.0

You have a huge pinky

You're good man, just follow the directions of your doc and it'll all turn out ok. Keep us updsted! Phone Post 3.0

I have large hands. And penis long fingers. Still get no action. Phone Post 3.0

your pinky looks like a woman's finger.