Need pic of Diesel Riggs

Hey guys....I need a hand. Me and a bunch of buddies get together for every UFC and bet on the fights. I had some free time on my hands and decided to make up a fight card with pics of each fighter. I have found a good "promo" pic of every fighter on the UFC 51 card except for Riggs. If any of you guys can post a good pic I would appreciate it.


pic doesn't work

check previous weigh-in photos at




Vintage pre-diesel tattoo picture:

Pics not working--please repost if you can.

santino gettin fancy with the html...


cade e mail me your #. My phone was the recent victim of road rage. I ordered a new phone (under different service), but I havent gotten it yet. My e mail is

Santino call me or e-mail me at it is Ray, I have news on XCF for you.

Santino, Roadrage? NO WAY!! maybe its the 1000000000000000000000000000 mg's of caffeine you consume per day

Sorry to hijack your thread, Procrastinator, but doesn anyone have any older pics of Riggs? I heard he used to weigh considerably more.

lol at Procrastinator getting a lot of good pics and still wanting more. do you want some naked one or what?