Need prayers for my buddy's church

Well, actually it's more like prayers for the church, which are the people that inhabit the building,... er...

Let's just start with this... Yesterday, on the news I discovered that my buddy's church was vandelized. Last week one of the sisters from the church called me and left a message that a bible class I was taking there had been cancelled until the beginning of next year b/c the church had been broken into and the holiday rush, etc. Well, last night they reported on the church vandelizing (sp?) and deemed it a "hate crime." What I didn't realize is that whoever broke into the church, didn't take anything. They simply destroyed everything. They busted up the drums and keyboards and michrophones, speakers. They poured glue and paint into the audio equipment, mixers, tape duplicators, sound boards, etc. They poured paint on the carpets and floors. The broke out windows, painted those swastikas and other garbage all over the walls. They trashed the bathrooms, etc. I mean, this is almost inconceivable to me. I mean, we've had our church broken into and some valuables stolen. But to break in and just destroy everything? That's evil dude.

Their still having church, only at another location. So please pray for this Portsmouth church as they figure out what to do next. I'm going to call my buddy tonight to see if insurance is going to cover the stuff or what.

This seems personal to me guys. I know the church isn't in the best area, but geesh. That's rediculous.


There are some bad people out there..It sounds personal to me too, especially because nothing was taken. I will pray for them.

Terrible! Praying now. How orful.

will do bro...

you have them,my friend

yours in Christ


That's terrible.......


the rev

will do