Need Prayers

My dad called me awhile ago from the hospital. his kidneys failed and has to be on diaylisis. he went in Sunday, and just got around to caling me today, he said he didnt want me worrying, but his wife made him call. I wasnt raised by my dad, and had a pretty hard time with him growing up. But in the last few years we started a relationship with each other again. He moved to Arizona when I was 12 and wasnt around. But he's my dad and I love him. I need you to pray for him please. This has been a very hard few months for me. First Eric and now my dad. I don't know how much more I'l be able to take.

Stay strong man.

I will pray for you and your dad. Just remember that everything which happens to us is for a reason, God is using everything that happens to make us into the people that he wants to serve him.

Hey, Sherm!

You are able to take what you are able to take, so don´t worry.

I know it is a hard time, perhaps you could read Job a little.

I trust you can go thru this with your faith.

Visit your father, if it is possible. Don´t procrastinate. Even if you don´t have what to talk about, he will appreciate it a lot.

God bless you and your family, and give you strength and patience to face what is coming. May love flourishes from the pain.

I will be most happy to keep you and your family in prayers!

God bless you,

I'll call you today bro.

the rev

Stay strong, my brother. In His name, prayers sent.


When a man is sick, he should console his body with medicine and his soul with the words of G-d.


rev, got it.thanks..I'll call you tonight or tomorrow with more details.

thanks everyone

Donna, appreciated, but I aint Job, not that strong.

yours in Christ


Hey, Sherm, perhaps not that strong, but not that rich either, uh? ;-)

Trust God, Sherm, He is not puting a cross on your shoulder that you cannot carry on.

Sometimes life present us with one of those 100meters races, we need to give it all. You will survive, and you´ll be stronger and better in the end. :-)

Hey Sherm sorry to hear all the hardships you are going through. I spent a few hours with my bro tonight and he told me whats up. It was the first i heard of it cause i havnt been reading up. You've allways seemed like a great guy on here and my bro confirmed it tonight. Allthough i consider myself a christian, I dont follow it like i should. But i will keep you and your loved ones in my thoughts.....Erick

Sherm your message got cut off, our answering machine was full. I'll try and call you later today.

the rev

Thanks Erick, your brothers a good guy, but I don't need to tell you that.

John, enjoyed our conversation today. My wife came out of the store and looked at me and just started laughing. She asked if I hated shopping so much I'd stand out the the freezing cold...YES I DO lol

Again thanks for your kind words and for your prayers. I'm trying to go on, and try and take my mind off of it. But it's hard. They say worrying is a sin, but sometimes it can't be helped. I am doing what you said..clinging to the Lord.

thanks mino

yours in Christ