Need pro heavyweight Jan. 23

Looking for a pro heavyweight kickboxer to fight Patrick Barry( Muay Thai or International rules) in New Orleans on Friday, Jan 23rd at The Battle of New Orleans. This is an MMA and Muay Thai event that has been growing strong. Any other fighters interested please contact or call 504-888-6451




Any takers ??????????

What is some info on Patrick Barry???

Drop me a line at
you can also check my site I have many fighters on my roster.

Shawn Tompkins

What city are you from?

Patrick Barry, 23yrs old, 225lbs, 2-0 as a pro,6', good hands and feet, right handed

any takers yet????


Team Tompkins is from London Ontario Canada.

An easy and cheap flight out of Detroit airport.

what's the airfare to new orleans

Around $300 US


is this roundtrip

Yes its round trip...


how much money is offered?

$500 to fight plus travel and hotel