Need Replacement For Boxee Box

So it looks like Boxee no longer supports Navi-x. I am looking to find something that can replace the Boxee and will run Navi-x or a new platform for streaming tv shows and movies.

I used to do the laptop method years ago, don't want to go back to that. Any Ideas?

I feel like what your telling me is almost the same as running a laptop. I really liked the clean look and slick remote for browsing that I got with boxee.

Do use navi through xbmc?

Navi is part of XBMC but in all true XBMC has better options than navi  now and you can can buy a wirless keyboard these days for like 20 bucks



I will TTT a thread that details exactly what your asking about just skip to the end and go back like ten or 15 pages to get the gist   it's called "TME about living without cable TV"