Need scariest movies of ALL TIME

Thoughts?  It was sold out at movie theatre.  So need something SCARY as fuk to watch on amazon.  Hurry, I might get to see, and maybe even feel, peepee.  What is your top 10?!?!?

The French ones are pretty good.

High tension

A scary one as in ghosts is the changeling with George c Scott, it's an old one.

Event Horizon. That film is just messed up.

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The original Omen

the original Halloween

the original Salem's Lot

the shining is a great horror flick imo

The conjuring is good

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Texas chainsaw massacre (1974) 

The Descent 

Exorcist 3 

In the Mouth of Madness 

28 Days later 

Dawn of the Dead (1978) 

Psycho (1960)


Invasion of the body Snatchers (1965) 

The Mist (mostly just because the end is so brutal). 

Blair Witch?

psychosphere -

Blair Witch?

Saw a sneak preview before it opened nationwide.  Scariest fucking film ive ever seen.

if you went in knowing it was fake, not really scary at all.

brilliantly marketed film.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 


a lot of solid recommendations but TCM is still the greatest horror movie of all time


Exorcist 1 & 3 (3 for stellar acting)
The Ring
The Grudge

One of the cable networks used to have a ountdown during Halloween and showed parts of the top 50 scariest movies. 


How about this?

The orphanage.  

Wait until dark.


Gigli had people screaming out of the theatres. 

Evil dead

there has never been and never be a scary movie. they become funny it is so over the top.



if you want to be scared try watching hbo girls. i hear that nasty troll gets naked in it all the time. now that will scare anyone

Black Christmas  


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Surprised Ferox hasn't posted yet. 

It's 8am on a Sunday.. Lol