Need serious help with saving IPHONE photos

Hello, I need serious help in saving pictures and videos on an Iphone 5

I have an Icloud account, when I go there no pics to be found

I have stored and back up'd the phone on icloud and even purchase extra GBs.

Im not using a Mac just a hp laptop

whats a easy method for saving my pics and accessing them ?

please help!

Just plug the phone in to your PC then access your pictures like you would a USB thumb drive in my computer. Then just drag and drop them into a folder on the PC. Phone Post 3.0

When you plug your phone into your comp., it should give you an option to import all pics. You will also have an option to erase from device if you like.

Finally, if you get a new iPhone, when you "restore from backup", all your pics should be on new phone. Phone Post 3.0

Ok , when I try that .... I get to the phone listed as an Internal storage but when I click on it it doesnt open like a flash drive ............I can only access sample pics / video and 3 songs of sample music .............

ok got it to work thanks!!!