need shin pads?

I have just recently been starting to work my stand up more. I have been working on a block/jab/cross/leg kick type combo. My question is my shins are gettiing heavily bruised and after a few mins on the bag they hurt. However I am a firm believer in no pain no gain and will kick untill i can hardly take it usually only a couple rounds of about 3-4 mins 4-5 times. I am loving my new found tools, and i want to make sure iam not doing any permanent damage. Thanks in advance.


check out: Fairtex, Thaismai, Twins, Ringside etc.

we use

thanks i will check the site out. however am i doing any permanent damage with out using pads?

What you're doing to your shins is basically breaking down bone marrow and allowing them to rebuild tougher. Though, I would suggest taking the kicking down a bit, a.) to focus on technique and b.) becuase it's painful. usually, if your body is telling you it's painful, it's a bad thing. I'd say gradually work a tolearance up against this amount of force you're applying, it'll give you more time to practice, less pain and allow your body to adapt more effectively. As far as permanent damage, nah. Not for now, in the long term, you'll most likely build a tolerance.

What is your bag filled with?

If it's sand it my have settled out making the bottom too hard, try rolling it to loosen the fill again.

You are not breaking down bone least not exactly.

You ARE toughening the skin over your shins, deadening some nerves and building some bone density at the same time.

Gabe is correct on the pain thing though, take it slow and build over time. Pushing your body too fast will set you back big time.

Wow thanks for all the great info. I am not sure what the bag is filled with all i know is it is tall and hangs just above the floor, maybe a few inches. I have only worked out on it serious about three times and man have my shins been soar not to mention a little

Make sure your calcium and anti-ox intake is high enough that you are recovering stronger.

Do the bags without pads, spar with...

As per the above advice, do not use shin pads for bag work or you will never get tough shins. Shin guards are for sparring (When I would pretty much always use them)

Check Ebay for Muay Thai equipment. I bought some Twins Shin pads there and cost me $26.00. Can't beat that.