need slow-down-riff device info

what are the different ones or maybe someone has some site that rates the different models?


Good question.

I always use soundforge to slow things down when I'm trying to figure something out, it has a cool feature that lest you slow it down without effecting the pitch..

I used to have one of the Marantz variable speed tape decks. Great little tool.

Tascam make ssomethig called the CD-GT1 (BT1 for the bass version). It's a portable CD guitar trainer that can play a CD down to 50% slower for learning. You can loop riffs, it has built in effects for your guitar,etc. $199 retail.

Legion-X, you can most likely find it in the same place you found you copy. If not the help menu is pretty decent.

I just bought a CD-GT1 by tascam. Its awesome. Slows things in half at pitch. Sweet. I also use it for lowering covertunes so I can practise singing along in a lower key. The looping is supereasy. One button to start, one to end the loop. very intuitive.


Look up some
Soundforge + instructions

Soundforge + tutorial

both on google.

I was thinking about the Tascam- how are the jam
effects? Sabine has a Backtrak that is cheaper and not
alot of bells and whistles...then again, I tried using
Cool Edit and Nero, they both had things that you can
slow down tracks or segments...sound is kinda muddy
though but workable-

I wouldn't buy the Sabine unit. The guys that run one of the store I deal with a lot said they can't give those things away at half price. Theya have the Tascam for $150.

Racer X is correct about the Sabine unit. I have one(BT-300) and it does slow down the speed and remain at pitch but it is just so "glitchy". Don't know how else to explain it. If you are going to buy one anyways, you could probably find them on Ebay cheap.

I just got the Digitech GNX3 and it has a great learn a lick feature. you can control the speed of the riff you trying to learn at the tap of a foot. Not cheap, but there are other reasons to buy this thing too.

My Creative Nomad Zen portable mp3 player has options for changing the play speed without altering pitch. I've found it quite useful for figuring out riffs. If you're looking for a mass-storage portable mp3 player, maybe that'll be the bonus you're looking for.

it plays at 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.25 and 1.5x.