Need some advice please

Long story short I am looking to start training full time in MMA with the intent to fight within a year. Right now I'm selling my home and am moving to whever I can get the best training in the Continental U.S.

I am not really concerned with a fancy gym with all the bells and whistles I just want a place where I can learn the most and have a good focused atmosphere. Right now I live in oregon and the nearest gym is 2 hours away so I dont have much formal training. So I have just been working on getting into shape wrestling/grappling and boxing with anyone who will spar with me.

I am serious about fighting in MMA, and have always wanted to do this but have had some very tough times these past few years that have prevented me from taking it to another level. I am still a bit overweight but have lost about 50lbs since November im about 225 right now and will probably be solid at 210-215.

I know that these threads come up all the time and it is hard to take them seriously. Especially with my membership to this site being so new. I am however not new to the sport of MMA and have been a fan for years(yes even before T.U.F.). I just recently bought this membership to support the underground since I have been lurking here for years now. I am 100% commited to this and could use some friendly advice.


little to late to start one of these threads huh?
Ill try tomorrow then

You live in Oregon? Doesn't seem like very far to move to join one of the best gyms around.


I was thinking about getting out of Oregon some bad memories here. Although I have considered Team quest and its high on my list but I need to get away from here for a while.

I dont have an amateur record. I have fought before in underground setting but no sanctioned fights. My strengths are in wrestling and submission although I am very raw. I learn quickly and have a good physical memory. But I have limited training.

In florida mma is growing and they are having more and more fights in the area. There are some pretty good gyms also. One problem is there is no amature fights in Florida so you have to go pro to fight here. Good luck.

Well, the difference between amateur and pro most places is just that you don't get paid as an amateur. Might as well go pro if you're training full time as long as you have someone to make sure you get opponents appropriate to your skill level...

But as a relative beginner, you really want to get to a place with good instructors for all the levels and with an athmosphere you can have fun and grow in.

Yes I would like to go pro since I will be training full time. Like you said Striking Viking since I am new i would like good instructors for any level. But I do learn at an advanced pace and my fitness level is increasing daily.

Im trying to get in the best shape possible to help out my transition into actual fight training.

isnt that in Russia?

Come out to Vegas. I'm about to start training at Randy's gym. The place is awesome, great trainers.. Vegas is the fight capital of the world..

I have seriously considered going to vegas but not sure how expensive the living situation is there. I will have a good chunk of money from my house sale but I dont wanna have really expensive rent.

Is that gym good for those just getting started?

You can find decent housing prices out here.. The gym is fairly new, and from what I've been told, there are alot of beginners there also. Have you checked it out online?

No ive just heard rumours on these boards but I will check it out tomorrow. Do you know if there is any cheap/reasonable real estate around there? I would rather buy another home then rent? Doesnt matter if its a ways out of town I dont mind a commute

I just bought my house in the SouthWest for $250,000. It's 5 minutes from Couture's gym. If you're looking to buy out here, buy in the SouthWest. If you don't like it at Couture's than there are plenty of other gyms out here.

Vegas is Starting to sound pretty good Im going to have to check out some options there. I will be quiting my job in a few weeks and will probably be headed that way.

Thanks for the info LVGRAPPLER.