need some ball handling help!!!!

I love playing bball and I'm 5'6" 170. I have pretty mediocre ball handling skills though. I really need to get my handling down to open up my game.

What do you guys recommend I do to get some serious dribbling skills?

Drills? Instructionals? Thanks in advance fellas

Well to start with, just alot of dribbling practice. Seriously more than any other part of the game, including shooting, you can't become good at it unless you work really hard.

Get decent enough that you don't lose the ball doing basic crossovers and the like, and then I can recommend some better techniques thatll have you pulling vicious spin moves and breaking ankles in no time.

Not just dribbling a lot, but dribbling correctly a lot.

Dribble with your fingers, not your palms.

Dribble with your head up! I play with so many adults that still have to watch the ball while they dribble.

Learn to dribble(and finish) with both hands.

Another thing to work on is footwork. You can have great ballhandling ability and you still won't be able to get by a good defender without good footwork.

Yeah Jacob is correct, I shouldve explained it a little more clearly.all great points as far as basics to becoming a good ball handler. Im not sure its possible for everyone to learn to finish with both hands though, at least ive never been able to. Im equally skilled dribbling with either hand but my left is useless when it comes to scoring, really the only defect I have in my offensive game.

if you have netflix bobbito's boogie (something like that) is an hour of good ballhandling drills.

thanks guys! i am gonna start drilling now.what do you guys think of the GANON baker training vids?

Jacob nailed it. If you can dribble with your head up then you are better than most. I like to practice keeping my head up while playing 1 on 1. It's easier, obviously, cuz there's only one defender. Don't worry about the fancy shit.

Don't worry about the fancy shit.

GREAT advice.


The fancy shit comes with time. ALOT of time...

bouncing a ball off pavement, concrete, a good hardwood bball court and whatever other venue you can find.

SERIOUSLY. If you want to be a good ballhandler, make that fucking ball a part of yer hand.