Need some favors please

If anyone could do either of the following for me, I would greatly appreciate it:

-Please ttt the "Rare MMA tapes" thread. This is the one that debated which MMA tapes were the hardest to find. It had a ton of posts in it (500?)

-does anyone have the link to "The Tale of 42 (43?) leg kicks" or else could they post it here. This is a clip video of a fight where one guy lands 42 or 43 leg kicks to his opponent.

Thanks in advance.

I have the 42 kicks saved on my computer RKing........ I can email it to ya if ya want??

thanks momita.

on the way!

I can't find the thread. Can you give me a little more guidance? It's not under that name or any like it.

Try "Holy Grail" I think that's in the title somewhere. Something like "MMA tape Holy Grail"

did ya get it RKing?

Thank you momita for making my day :)