Need some prayers guys/gals

My grandmother was just taken to the hospital because she has been throwing up all day. She was diagnosed with COPD recently and well, I'm things aren't looking to good for her right now.

My grandma is basically my mother. She took years out of her life to raise me and my brother. I love her dearly and hope she can make it out of this awful sickness.

I don't know much right now as far as her condition. Shes in NM and I am in TX. I would appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts/vibes. Thank you Phone Post 3.0

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Ill keep updating as I hear more. Phone Post 3.0

think positive bro

Prayers sent Phone Post

positive vibes!

in my prayers.

Sending good energy your way!

Positive vibes sent brother. Hope she gets better man. Phone Post


Best wishes to her. Hope she's alright

Get well grandma! Phone Post 3.0

Sent bro. Stay strong man. Phone Post 3.0

My grandma's name is Connie but I've always called her Nani or Nana. They are keeping her over night for observation and rehydration. Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts. Phone Post 3.0


praying for gma bud Phone Post 3.0

Prayers sent your way Phone Post 3.0

Made it through the night. Will know more later. Phone Post 3.0

Lord be with you! Help you, your grandma and her doctors!

Done! Phone Post