Need some really urgent advise!!!

Yesterday at training I sustained a shoulder Injury and it is hurting like hell! I mean If I move in any direction it hurts, but it is no swolen up or any thing, I fell right on my shoulder.

In a couple of hours I'm off to see a chairopractic (quite honestly I don't know how to spell it).

The thing is I'm leaving to a city near by to atend a seminar and I can not miss it, so any sugestions will be greatly apreciated.

By the way I'm in mex so if you recomend taking any shots or pill, please write the active ingredient and not the name so I can look for them over here.

Thanks alot!!



Be sure to see a doc, but heres alittle info....

What are the symptoms of a shoulder dislocation?

The following are the most common symptoms of a dislocated shoulder. However, each individual may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include:


  • pain in the upper arm and shoulder, which is usually worse during movement

  • swelling

  • numbness and weakness

  • bruising

  • deformity of the shoulder (in a forward dislocation)

The symptoms of a dislocated shoulder may resemble other conditions or medical problems. Always consult a physician for a diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of a rotator cuff tear?

The following are the most common symptoms of a rotator cuff tear. However, each individual may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include:

  • recurrent pain, especially with certain activities

  • pain that prevents sleeping on the injured side

  • grating or cracking sounds when moving the arm

  •  limited ability to move arm

  •  muscle weakness

The symptoms of a rotator cuff tear may resemble other conditions or medical problems. Always consult your physician for a diagnosis.

I hope it's nothing serious Fabio... Where in Mex are you? 

momita: Thanks a lot!!

I'm of to the doc in a couple of hours, by what you posted I think it might just be a little off, as soon as I come back I'll post what happen!!

It is realy great the to meet people like you which have that willingnes to help. Thank again!!


how bout spelling advice

Is spelling really all that important max?

rotary cuff

Big killer: lol I'll try to get some.

just came back from the seminar whit jackson correira, it was great. The shoulder did not botter me at all thanks to the shoots and pills the doctor prescrived. I went to se him the friday before leaving and told him that I had to go. He said I had just fucked up some ligaments and that I needed rest, and he gave me the medisine I used. So I went and trained as carefull as I could and every thing worked out great.

For all of you that took the time to share you'r knoledge thanks again!!


I'm glad it wasn't more serious Fabio, but hope you let it heal!!!!

I will, I don't want to stop training beause I hurted even more, so I'll just take it slow for a wile.

Receive my best regards!!


Careful though. If you've stretched the ligaments, you might be more prone to dislocation unless you really rest and stop using it for a bit.

Wildcard: I think it will be better to let the boxing aside for a wile right? But how about working only on thechnique and not rolling wile in bjj training?


start taking 800mg ibuprofin every 8 hours and ice it 15-20 min a few times a day. and no matter what anybody tells you DO NOT APPLY ANY HEAT!!!

heat will make it feel great while it's on, and for little while after, but it will increase the inflammation big time which will in turn slow down the healing process dramatically!

if this goes on for more than a couple weeks get an MRI right away. depending on your doctors relationship with HMO's etc. they often try to push this off for months due to the expense. but be insistant!

sorry i didn't see this thread sooner!


ZePMan: I do not remever the active ingredients of what I'm taking but it is called febrax and dolac and they have helped me a great deal. Is it still time to ice it? because it happened last tursday?. Finally how much time do you consider that will be reasonable for it to heal and for me to start boxing and rolling again? To be quite honest I'm diying for being unable to go to the boxing gym, I was just starting to get good form and my wind back, as far as grappling I'll keep on only practicing technique.



momita must have every type of information in the world just sitting at her fingertips

oh yeah, the internet

Fabio - i'd ice it after anytime you put it to work because working it will increase the inflammation, and ice is a great anti-inflammatory.

your best bet is to do passive range of motion exercises with light stretching to a point of light discomfort but NO PAIN. then as days go on, gradually increase the stretch and start slowly adding resistance.

i would stay away from any dynamic exercises like punching or explosive movements until your range of motion and your strength seem pretty decent.

i know it's hard not to jump back in to training, but i did that and what started as a moderate strain became a torn rotator cuff and i was out a year!

Fabio - also, if your still having problems in a few weeks and you have medical insuarnce get an MRI. it's the only way of knowing for sure exactly what damage was done!

don't let the doctors talk you into "4-6 weeks of therapy and then we'll see" they're famous for that.
if there is a tear, therapy alone almost never helps, it just prolongs things. with any significant tear surgical intervention is required and delayed surgery causes longer recovery.

The problem you face is that the shoulder doesn't fit into an actual joint like the hip bone does.

If you pull the ligaments the shoulder can slip out of place very easily. If the dislocation is bad, you're going to basically need surgery.

Thus ask the doctor for advice, speak to a physical therapist and don't try to just work through it.

Now if your problem is only an inflamed ligament, it isn't as big a deal. However, that is why you need to talk to a doctor and a sports physical therapist to make sure you aren't screwing up your shoulder even more.

(One friend was not very smart about this. After dislocating a shoulder twice, the ligaments were so screwed that a new girlfriend was lying w/ her head in the crook of his arm, and the shoulder just slipped out of place until the head of his shoulder was sitting under his pecs. Bleh.)