Need some smell good

Options. What's some good cologne? I got some Hugo, Ralph Lauren, crush. What are u guys whorin it up with? Phone Post

WFA on the chest and junk. Phone Post 3.0

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

Sour Diesel?

What boxing whiz said... Phone Post

^^ the smell of cauliflower and regret?

Christian Dior Phone Post 3.0

calvin klein

Wtf. Who seriously thought there was a market for "eau de sweaty gym" cologne. Is that couture pic real? Phone Post

boxing wiz - Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
Agree Phone Post 3.0

forum incorrects trou du cul

Hermes Phone Post

Hindu Kush?

Allure Sport

Prada for men always gets them wet Phone Post 3.0

Curve is pretty good...

right now rocking D & G Light blue and lacoste blue which are both good.

But hands down the best cologne I have ever had was Chanel Allure Sport. Check that out, kinda pricey but well worth it imo

Buy Gucci 2.

Ladies will love it! ;) Phone Post 3.0

Armani Code has never led me astray for 7 years Phone Post 3.0

CK BE..... Like a G Phone Post 3.0