This game sounds pretty sick but its 44.99 and thats a bit pricey for its age. Is it worth buying. I think the whole street racing custominzing sounds fun

I have Project Gotham 2, Rallisport 2, and I've played Need for Speed Underground - the one I enjoy the most is Rallisport 2. It's not as hard as PG2 (several of the modes are a *bitch* even on the easiest setting), and it's not as monotonous as NFSU (always nighttime, same city environment).

Keep in mind, though, that the sequel to NFSU is coming out in a few months. It sounds sweet - as opposed to just hitting a button and racing, you just cruise around the city (like in Grand Theft Auto) with total freedom, and you can run into folks who have spontaneous races. I'll likely get that when it comes out, as it supposedly also fixes the weaknesses in the first (day and night, more tracks, environments, weather effects, etc.)

What do you think of Collin McCray 04? I just got it last night... IMHO v. pretty + like the damage stacking up on the car during the races BUT it feels kind of flat despite the terrain.

Yeah Ted I read the Underground 2 is coming out soon and it loks awesome I might check out street racing syndicate, i want something now. And I think the whole fast and durious type game with upgrades sounds fun.

I also saw Burnout Dir Cut for only 19.99 XBOX mag gave that an awesome review, anyoneplay it?