Need suggestions...

I'm taking my woman out to dinner tonight and I'd like to go somewhere nice that I haven't been before, any suggestions?

where've you been? maybe we can narrow it down...

i hear club sun has some MEAN kim chee fried rice. i'm pretty sure you've never taken the gurl there.

What kind of food we talking?

And how well she has treated Mr. One-eye should be factored into how much you're going to spend.

I heard that about Club Sun.....

Big $$$?

HIROSHI on Rest Row.

not taking care of Mr. one eye?

Whahoo Fish Tacos.

Hmmmm I'll have to keep club sun in mind i love some kim chee fried rice....I like ninikuya(sp?) the garlic place, john domanis, 3660 on the rise, I think im in the mood for japanese/sushi.

Mr. one eye is definitely taken care of. HIROSHI sounds good how is the food?

go to NOBU. super good and super expensive.

hiroshi is a yum yum in the tum

Hiroshi sounds like the big winner Wednesday is martini night. Thanks guys from me and Mr. one eye!


Moe's Southwest Grill!

Chicken Burrito!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm damn

moe's good food..

Fermagio is pretty good if you can stand all the Metro dudes and stuck up chicks that go there

I had a bad experience at MOE'S, I like BC burrito! Thanks for all the suggestions guys, what is your favorite sushi joint?

I agree with the NOBU recommendation!

fromaggio is bad ass also. I stil love my french food and stick with le bistro, and chef mavro.

I use to go to the swiss house a lot but they shut down :(

thats a nice looking burrito u got there rabello...would be nicer if there were melted cheese and hot salsa on those chips