need supplement advice for mma,bjj and strength

Right now My routine is off season.I'm training BJJ,MMA,weights and cardio on the treadmill and stairmaster.

The supplements I am taking now are
1)Purple K creatine (2 pills before and 1 after....3 total a day)
2)BCAA's 5000 powder...1 spoonfull 3 times a day
3)Carlsons fish oil orange flavour (1 teaspoon twice a day)
4)Gold standard 100% whey
5)Mens multi vitamin twice a day

Is there anything else I should be taking.I am on a solid diet.1 protein and 1 carb portion 6 times a day (Whey drink counts for 1 protein)and 1 veg portion 4 times a day.

I'm more into supplements that would benifit me in muscle mass,endurance or energy as well keping my body fat low.

Any thoughts would be appreciated and I am mostly looking into supplements and I am training btwn 14 to 20 hours a week.Also working a very physically demanding job.


wrong forum.

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