Need technical support

I have a older flat screen that isnt a smart tv. Is there any way I can watch youtube on this without a xbox, playstation or such?

My living room tv is a good one but I’m tired of sleeping on the couch. I need to be able to fall asleep listening to classic sports in my own bed.

Also I’m the cheapest OGer alive. I know you’re all millionaires, but I’m looking for something dirt cheap. Think like a poor white trash mf for a minute.

If it has a USB port get a Amazon Fire-stick

Ok gypsy. I’m gonna google your wizardry.

This better not be a fucking dildo or something. I dont need that on my search history lol.


Hook your phone or laptop to the tv with a HDMI cable.

I have a flip phone. So that’s out. No laptop.

I’m liking this fire stick thingy. Looks pretty good. They should’ve invented these things forever ago!

They did invent then forever ago you poor poor simple minded tard.

Well they’re new to me! So who’s laughing now you DUI’ing motha trucka!

Your firestick joy is long ago. It’s nothing to you anymore. But to me it’s like a brand new device that I’m gonna experience for first time ever.

And when I got the 1993 NBA finals blaring and I’m sleeping like a baby, you’ll see who’s awesome!

Wait until he figures out he can jail break it and get all the free shit.

Free? I like anything that’s free (except for ass fuckins).

Explain yourself computer man. And how the fuck do you know all this shit? I thought you were just a simple NC redneck?

Get a Roku, Amazon fire stick, or a Google Chrome cast. You just missed Amazon prime day when they had the fire sticks on sale, but they’re not that costly either way.

Personally, I prefer the Roku, but they’ll all do what you want assuming you have a wifi signal reaching your TV.

Google Chrome cast doesn’t have a remote, you use your phone to tell it what to play. So your phone and it have to be connected to the same wifi connection for your phone to see it.

All of these solutions connect to your TV via an HDMI input. So your TV would need to have one free, or you’d have to get an HDMI switch

So full red neck. How about taking your walkman and recording the audio from what you want playing as you fall asleep?

My tv is roku. I bought it because it sounded like Goku.

I like that brand. Does it do the same thing as a firestick? I only need youtube. Classic sports, animal documentaries and cat videos is pretty much the only thing I want.

You’re good at this. You may wanna rethink your life. Youd make a excellent redneck.

In my opinion the new Google Chromecast blows all of the other devices out of the water. It DOES have a remote, and a great one at that.

If you have a roku TV, then you have a smart TV. The roku TVs have roku built in. Just connect your TV to your wifi, then select the roku input, and install the YouTube app if it isn’t already installed.

Then whenever you want to watch it, switch over to the roku input, and launch the YouTube app

Firestick or a Roku?

Yeah we all know you prefer to pay good money to get your ass fucked. As far as jail breaking, there are programs you can download like Kodi where you can get all kinds of movies and tv shows for free. Movies that are still in theaters will be on there.

OP trying to get Youtube on his TV:

Yeah I got it on the roku tv. That’s in my living room. I got a small older tv in my bedroom that doesnt have any internet capability. That’s why I need a stick!