need THPS4 help!

Just got tony hawk 4 from a friend. Its pretty cool but there is something I can't figure out. The book makes it sound like after doing a trick off a ramp you can extend your combo after you land. I know you can manual, but then you lose all your speed. It makes it sound like if you hit a revert when you land it will continue. But it never does. Am I doing it wrong? If not, what is the revert for?


Here goes.

When landing from a ramp you can do a revert and go into a manual. Once you get the timing down you'll do it 99% of the time. As you land hit R1 (I think, check the manual) to revert and then up,down or down,up real quick to manual. This will continue your combo. Just find a ramp and practice doing a revert just as you land.

thanks. I really appreciate it. Is there anyway to keep speed on a manual? I always seem to slow down.

Not really, you will slow down to a stop with a manual eventually. Try and grind, then jump and keep grinding the same rail, each time you land and do another grind you'll gain speed. Otherwise if you're near ramps do a boneless or the other one at the top of a jump (double tap up and jump).

In THPS Underground, you can get off you board and then run at another rail or ramp then get back on the board while continuing the combo.

Yeah you slow down, but it you can find a tight enough half pipe you can jump again before you go into the manual (press up/down real quick just in case you don't make it). You can do some great combos like this. I.e. Jump, spinning grab trick, revert, jump, spinning grab trick, revert, jump, etc until you start to slow down, the jump, level out and grind the edge of the halfpipe to go elsewhere and continue.

Slowing down with a manual isn't that bad, if you are good at manual balancing you can just do the flat land tricks even while stationary and then end with an ollie and a quick flip trick. I do this a bit and I never have huge problems doing the high score and high combo type tasks.

What's your highest score Todd? One trick and total?

I did 1.3 million trick the other day (48 tricks), and on the Shipyard I got 2.6 mill in two minutes. I thought I was good until I watched the demos at the start of Underground. Insane.

I dunno what my highest combo would be, maybe about 200 thousand which is lightweight I know but I don't really play the THPS games all that much anymore.

There's never been any THPS discussion on here which is a shame. Number 2 is far and away my favourite. I really enjoy the high score, high combo and collect hard to find shit stuff in the older games. The new ones have too many collect 20 of these things in 30 seconds or collect 13 of these other things in one combo type tasks. I don't think I'd buy another THPS game.

So true man... The collection tasks were just boring. I left them to a mate who was real good and just travelling the maps. Underground is ok, but yeah, it's the last I buy, well, burn.

It's obviously a lot easier to score more points with the newer ones because of the more specials, flatland tricks and course design.

I only started played the series at number 4, and I was like, what was I msising.

I think they really dropped the ball having the tasks where you drive cars and lawn mowers and shit.