need tips for weight cutting

Need so help have approx ten lbs to cut? any suggestions

What are you cutting the 10lbs for?

Are you dieting the weight down or looking to drop water weight?

What is your time frame?

grappling tournament about three weeks wanted combinatin of diet and water loss

Eat about 5 servings of green vegetables (preferably raw) and about 2 pounds of Turkey or Chicken breast, for the last two weeks add a fiber supplement.

The last week be sure to drink around 2 gallons a day. Lower that to 1 gallon once you are two days out from the weigh-in.

Stop eating 24 hours out from the weigh in and do not drink about 16 hours out. Also take some dandelion root the day before the weigh in (diuretic). If need be take a hot bath for half an hour right before going to bed the night before the weigh in and another when you wake up in the morning.

Weigh in early as possible, drink a ton of pedialyte and water. Once you have gotten at least 32 oz. of fluids in you begin eating fruits and bread. Keep drinking until your urine is completely clear. Try to take a short nap to give your body some time to recover from the weight cutting.

thanks for the advice brian

3 words: South Bronx Paradise.