Need to build some stuff, help?

Anybody know of some good plans for stand alone dip bars and standalone pullup bar?

I want them separate so I can sprint from one to the other.

I was thinking just metal piping that's already threaded, maybe epoxy them together just be safe. and then get some cheapo-tires and cement.

I can't wield anything so that's out, but I figured either the tire thing, but that would make it hard to move. Or I could fashion some sort of square with the piping on the ground. but i'm not sure how stable that would be


and for your viewing pleasure... thank you in advanced.

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Poor Dave Tate. His job just has to suck, spotting her.

You can find a pull up/dip station at The Academy for around $100. You can just do a a set of pull ups then do a sprint to a spot and back then do another set of dips.

How To Build Your Own Pull Up Bar

Homemade pullup and monkey bar system

Some of these can probably give you a good idea on how to make your own setup. This is so much better than buying a flimsy pullup tower.

Just found this

Pretty good stuff.

thaaaaaank you gentlemen!

I'll post up some pics as soon as I get crackin

man, how did i not find this forum until now? this place effin rules!