Need to buy a new computer would like some tips


My laptop crapped out on me a few days ago and I brought it to staples to get looked at and they told me that hte harddrive had crapped out and the person at the store told me that it was cheaper to buy a new computer than get another HD/refurbish the laptop.

So Im wondering what are some good desktop PC's out there now that I could get for a price range between 500-800$.

I don't really plan on using the PC for gaming. More to watch sports online and for downloading movies.


any help would be appreicated

Well if its just the hard drive they are $50-100 depending on what you want. Then its just a reload. As for desktops I've built 4 in the last year and you can buy a Dell for the same price if you are planning on using windows. I just use Ubuntu now so that cuts $120 of operating system off the price. Get a Dell sale flyer and find the best sale. Any quad core with 4 gigs of ram will do fine. Here is a decent cheap system. I run the AMD 630 propus 2.8 and its great, however I don't game either an its lack of L3 cache would only be a detriment for gaming. The onboard HD3200 graphics aren't bad either (not for games) and if they are not up to snuff you can always put in a aftermarket video card later.

 thanks man much appreciated