Need to Buy MMA Gloves?

When I search for them, I find with Thumb and Thumbless.

Which one is legal?
If both are legal, what are the advantages and dis advantages?

Lastly any recommendation on a quality brand and glove if price is really not an issue?

Thank you in advance for you help

I can advise on what NOT to get. I picked up some Everlast fingerless gloves with gel padding. They're used as "wraps" for the hands and go under bag gloves, etc.

The knuckles have split on them, exposing the gel padding, seams have split, they're blown out across the back of the glove, etc. They were not expensive (about $27) but I started seeing signs of wear within a week.

They're comfortable, I'll give them that, but they absolutely do NOT hold up to serious use.

nwarshaw - please send me your email. i have some for sale at a very good price. leather thumbless. thumbless is better because you can get the wraps underneath.

price us$35 includes shipping.

^^ love the fairtex. they are good gloves that fit well and save your hands yet hit hard.

I was just about to reccommend the Fairtex gloves. They are great.

I concur.

With the Fairtex am I correct that either thumb or thumbless are both legal gloves?

I guess it depends on the show. But I would imagine that the thumbless are legal all over

Warmsheen - I use them under leather bag gloves and work the heavy bag with them. I go full bore for 45 minutes at a time with little rest, so maybe I need to switch to traditional wraps under my bag gloves or stop hitting the bag so hard all the time. (mocks self...)

Where do you buy the Fairtex gloves?

Century has cheap, but pretty well made, training MMA gloves.

We used Fairtex MMA and Kickboxe gloves for both Freedom Fight events and the quality and service is unmatched!!! We will be using their gear for ALL future events.



nwarshaw if you are fighting in Ga and are amateur you will need the thumb guard..........  Talk to Jake at Sirius, they have some great gloves at a good price, just let him know Devon sent ya. Bar none the best and fastest customer service you will ever get.  Truth Fightwear has some great prices and they are a very reliable company as well.

Thank you all for the info

Vatoloco, thank you for the heads up on the GA part, you are on the money.

Hey Devon, went online at Sirius to take a look, and now I have a new question.

They come in 8oz and 4oz which I did not know.

Which one would you use in an AM MMA fight?


nwarshaw for GA AM has to be 4-6+oz, they adopted that combat sports int type fg-4 as the approved style glove.

Great, thank you, huge help Vatoloco

Do you carry them? If so, give me a number and I will give you a call with an order, or go online.