Need to gain 100lbs

Okay i kno its the kool thing to give azheat shit around here,but seriously guys lets keep the trolling to minimum and the replies serious.

I walk @ about 130,i'm gonna be fighting in a little over a month.I wanna put on about 100lbs of muscle by then,is this possible?Are there any supplements that would make this easier?What type of workouts should i be doing.

I wanna get a little bigger and gain some more strength if possible.As always i expect there to be some flaming on this thread but if anyone could give me some sound advice that would be much appreciated!

i heard if you butter BOTH sides of your toast you can gain 100 lbs

nice spin!

bench and curls all the way

Keep doing situps to improve your cardio.

LOL at these responses!

Just focus on your bench. Get that up around 300 and the weight will pile on.

deep fried twinkies

Well, I'm taking the amino acid. I think it's helping.

I benched yesterday already. Tomorrow I'll do 500 pushups. Sometimes I do that.

I'm also eating a shitload.

pec bouncess

blowing dudes for manprotein is your only option

find your nearest rest area and hang out in the bathroom

^ I LOLed at this... my girlfriend gets summoned for protein retrieval daily. She enjoys this terminology, as well as the nutrition I provide.