Need to get my bike to primer

I have a 2007 gixxer 750. I wrecked it doing a wheelie at 90 mph and a car pulled out in front of me but that's another story. I had the fairings plastic-welded back together for as cheap as possible because I didn't have insurance at the time of the wreck. I needed to save money, so I had the guy do just enough to get the bike rideable again.

Well now I'd like to get it at least primered so the bike is all one color until I'm ready for paint(I used different color parts off different gixxers to make cosmetic repairs) and smooth down the rough parts that have been plastic welded. What do I do? Do I just sand it down? And if so do I use a special kind of sandpaper?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I'd use a medium grade by hand to get it all back to a uniform surface, then use a good dirt/grease remover to remove all the dust/road shit/oil etc and let it dry off before applying a good primer/filler.

so I can literally just sand the paint off?

Yeah, or you could use a prepsol like solvent that'll take off the paint without eating your fairings. You don't have to get rid of all the paint though, just get a uniform finish that'll allow the primer to cover and adhere properly.

cool. thanks man

Don't take my word as gospel though mate, if you ask at your local paint shop they'll probably be able to give you better advice than me. I'm a noobski when it comes to paintwork.

You do not need to take the paint off, you need to remove the clearcoat, and scuff the basecoat, so sannd it with a light paper to take off the clear, when you whipe it with a rag, if it still shines then youre not deep enough.

Once its scuffed you can shoot that shit yourself with a rattlecan, just get the pistol gripp handle that you pop on top. Wide passes, start spraying before you pass over hte plastic and dont stop till you go past, overlap half of what you laid down when you come back. go slow, one light coat at first then another shortly after to get hte paint to stick, then lay that shit down!

"I wrecked it doing a wheelie at 90 mph and a car pulled out in front of me"

"because I didn't have insurance at the time of the wreck."

Glad you're ok, but..... ;)


calamari imo

"I dropped my bike while I was washing it".. lol

 I dont get it what the the calamari represents. Should I be offended?

In sportbike terms a squid is a rider who wears minimal gear and often displays bad judgement like wheelies in traffic or high speed lane splitting. I believe the term comes from when they wreck leaving behind only a helment with danglies, resembling a squid.

You should only be offended if friendly ball breaking pisses you off. ;)

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