Need to lose 20 lbs by march 13

So I got married and fat, but just got back to bjj and want to compete. I do not want to compete at hw, as I have the frame of a 170 or 185er. Im at 219 but want to get to 199 with diet.

Advice ugers? Training load, diet, etc Phone Post 3.0

Stop eating wheat. I've been on a no wheat, dairy, caffeine, sugar and alcohol diet for three weeks. Health reasons.. BUT, I'm down 10 lbs. Also feeling a lot better. Caffeine was the hardest. I think the wheat exclusion is responsible for the weight loss. Phone Post 3.0

Ya I dont eat complex carbs much anyway except veggies. Only to fuel workouts.

Thats the problem actually. I dont know what else to cut.

Typical day:

Breakfast: veggie shake with greens carrots fruit and chia. Coffee with coconut oil and protein powder.

Lunch: grilled chicken, kale/quinoa cake, veggies.

Preworkout 2 hrs before jits or xfit: 1/2 a sprouted seed bar.

Dinner: meat and veggies Phone Post 3.0