Need to take up a Winter Sport...For Winter.

Moved to New England almost two years ago and basically spent the last two winters drinking beer.Since not really being from a colder climate area and with winter vastly approaching,and I need to take up some kind of winter sport.Pretty much snowboarding and skiing are out of the question because it doesn't fit into my schedule.Leaning towards hockey as an option.

What do?

Masturbation. Phone Post 3.0

^ Its good all year round

Ice fishing and beer go hand in hand.... enjoy !

Pajama wrestling

qcddog03 - Pajama wrestling
This Phone Post 3.0

Lots of men's leagues around for ice hockey, ball hockey, road hockey.

You can.xc ski any time & its a great workout Phone Post 3.0

MountainMedic - You can.xc ski any time & its a great workout Phone Post 3.0

this! agree w/ snowshoeing also.

Snowmobiling. Doing 115 across a frozen lake is a blast. Phone Post

I started skating about a week ago for the first time in about 11-12 years. I was surprised how fast it came back to me. This morning I got clearance from my doctor (knee issues) to play hockey again. I got to work and registered online right away. It'll be 15 years since I last played organized hockey.

So based on that not-so-related side story, my vote is hockey.

6 Late Hammerfists - Yeah there's lots to do during the cold winter months. One of my favorite things to do is dump coffee into snowbanks and stare at the hole it makes for a long time. Phone Post 3.0
Never gets old Phone Post 3.0