Need to train for AAU in NJ

This is the very first thread I have ever posted, so it may be out of despair a little. I plan on wrestling at the AAU Middle Atlantic Championships in Delaware in a few weeks, and I just want to see who else is out there that might be doing the same. I live in NJ, near Newark, and rather than pony up and hock down money for a club, and since my training partners are now indisposed, I am just looking for a couple wrestlers, maybe even just one, to work out with. I plan on competing in both greco and free, but I may just do freestyle. I am going to wrestle at 125.5, and I walk around only maybe 5-6 pounds more than that, so reply accordingly. This may be a longshot, but if anything, let me know. Peace and thanks.

Sorry man, I'm on the other side of the state, but I am 127 and I go to a club. Problem is I'm not any good :) What I would do if I were you is go to and post on all 4 fourms. If you are going to get an answer this would be the place. You could also look for fourms of near-by states

What other side of the state are you at? Because I'll go travel a little bit once or twice a week if it isn't three hours away. And don't say that about yourself. All wrestlers have something to them, even if they don't think so. You just gotta find it.

I'm in Mercer, but honestly I don't think I'm up for it right now man. I wouldn't have a place we could train at, I'm already going to a club and I got a lot of family crap going on so that takes up a lot of time. Sorry man, best of luck with finding someone.

ah don't worry about it. there will be opportunity somewhere. i am already close to where i want to be, i just want to stay sharp on my feet a little bit.

Great man, good luck

I know wrestling plus, maybe i will go by there and check it out. i was thinking of something a little less formal, but either way. Thanks for the info.

Open Mat on Wed is plenty non-formal :)

You may be right.

thforklift, I won't be there this Wed, but Seamus is normally there, and he's a former state finalist who just won GQ Nat'ls at 139.9. I should be there every other Wed this month, though (I'm currently about 148, but will start cutting down to 139 again soon). At the open mat you can do whatever you want: spin, pummel, drill, hit the heavy bag, sub grappling, etc. It's up to you. Also, there is a TV/VCR there if you want to watch and drill instructional videos. There's also one of those Greco Manatee type dummies, and a regular dummy, as well the "Adam" takedown dummy on the wall.