Need Traffic Attorney, Fairfax VA

I've got a reckless driving ticket, 110 in a 55. I don't believe I was going that fast, and the cop used pacing to say that I was. Any ideas how much a good lawyer will cost? Also does anyone here practice in Fairfax county Virginia, or know someone who does? Thanks for the help.

I can recommend lots of good attys for you. I work in downtown DC now for the Fed govt, but I used to practice in Fairfax.

Post your e-mail & I'll send you some names and phone #s.

Thanks a lot Knee. I really need the best I can get, I'm very scared...

I'm thinking of this guy. Sudeep Bose of the Bose Firm. He charges $850 for a reckless driving charge, I don't even know how much I should be expecting to pay...

YES IT DOES! Fucking Fairfax cops.