Need triangle help

I'm fairly new to BJJ (about six months), and the triangle is the technique I have the most trouble with while rolling. I can get my leg up around their head, but I can't for the life of me pull it down and lock the triangle, so I usually just wind up transitioning into an omo platta instead. It feels as if my legs are just too short, but I'm about six feet tall so that can't be it. Anyway, every time I go for it, the guy either sits back or stacks me, both prevent me from locking out the triangle. I guess the problem must be the set up.

Any suggestions?

seems like your not getting your hips up high enough.

move those hips up and push the guys head down with the back of your calf that is over his back of the should finish the triangle being almost 90 degrees from them

Check the saved threads in the Moreira Roy Jen Q and A. There are quite a few threads about this.


Keep his head down the whole time by holding onto his head or your shin with one hand. If he tries to stack you, underhook his leg and sweep him.

A problem allot of people I have rolled with have is they put it on are centered to their opponent meaning that all they have to do is stack them up high to break their legs open. When I put it on I make sure not only my hips are up but I am off to the side. If they start defending quickly go with the plata. Triangle is a common move and many people can defend it well. I doubt its your legs I am 5'8.5 I train with all bigger guys and its one of my favorite moves, though I tap out allot of people to it, many times they escape and I have to transition to a sweep or another sub.

Thanks a lot for the info, guys.

I think a lot of beginners are reluctant to release the triangle momentarily to adjust their position off to the side, if they have a crappy triangle locked on.

But this is something that you just have to do, and it's pretty low risk.

You have a triangle with your right leg over his shoulder but you're still facing him. Grab your right shin to keep his head down and let go of the triangle momentarily, putting your left foot on his hip. Use the foot on hip to spin your body so your head is near his left knee, and so your right heel is in front of his right shoulder. Re-figure four your legs. The triangle formed by your legs is so much smaller now.

This is my major problem too, this thread will be very useful.

ttt for more!

The hips and angle are already mentioned above. I'll just add to keep a secure grip on the arm and lapel to keep him from posturing. Also use the leg over his neck to keep him down until you are happy with the hip and angle. The locking into the figure four is pretty simple once you have the feel for the setup (you can just reach up and grab your own ankle to bring it into the lock).

It may helps to consider this. I'm not very athletic any more; and, when I go for a tri-angle it's almost like I'm inching up into position a little at a time. I can't just slap it on usually. But, I get it frequently by gradually working the position with legs, hips, etc. like I'm crawling up onto the guy as much as bringing him to me. The trick is not giving up the inch you gain each time as you close in.

If you have a problem with bringing his arm across, try this. Just hold his arm where it is while you shift your hips and bring your torso under and past his elbow. Then shift your hips and torso back to the proper angle for the tri-angle position while still holding his arm to you. "Magically" :), his arm will be stretched across now.

grabbing your shin on the leg over his head really works to keep enough weight on your opponent to make the adjustments. Makes it hard for them to stack too. If you can't get his arm across, can get a straight armlock or kimura on the opposite arm. Usually to defend that they will reach across, putting themself into the triangle.