Need vegetarian help!!!!

So I'm putting a few guinea pigs on a plan to get them in shape. Both co-workers. Systematically cleaning up their diets over a period of 3 months and moving them towards a 55/25/20 C/P/F diet, then reducing calories and an exercise program.

Problem is, I found out the girl is a vegetarian. I will admit that I don't have any experience with this. Obviously I'm not concerned about carbs (veggies, breads, rice) or fat (nuts) but what are vegetarian protein sources?

Help me out here, because when these people get in shape I know other vegetarians and they'll want to try this as well. And I can start charging for it. ;)

Protein powder is your friend.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

Various legumes are high in protein (chickpeas I think?). Soy is probably the most obvious source. She isn't a vegan, right? So dairy is also a good choice. Does she eat eggs?

Right, legumes, grains, nuts and dairy are going to be her best choices. I've been a veggie for about 7 years now, and protein sure isnt a problem for me. The problem is staying away from pizza


Yeah if she is ovo-lacto vegetarian, lots of choices...Soy and Veg. proteins from tofu, and stuff like morningstar chicken/veggie burgers etc and animal proteins from eggs, cottage cheese etc.

I have been a vegetarian for about 7 years as well and getting protein is pretty easy (I was vegan for a year and that was a little tougher)

I am a vegetarian and here is a sample diet that I revealed in one of my newsletters:

How To Follow A Vegetarian Diet As An Athlete

As many of you know, I follow a vegan diet. This means that I do not eat
any dairy, eggs, or meat products. This comes as a shock to many people
who wonder where I get my protein from and how I maintain my size. Well,
it is not as hard as you think. The key is to eat a variety of food in
order to get enough protein and healthy fat. Vegan diets are naturally
very low fat so vegan athletes have to make sure to get healthy fats from
nuts, seeds, flaxseed oil, coconut oil etc. Regarding protein, I like to
eat a lot of beans, sprouted bread, almond butter, peanut butter, pumpkin
seeds, pistachios, fake meats, rice protein shakes, quinoa, kamut, and
some tofu and soy products. While I do not think that soy products are as
bad as many people make them out to be, I do not think that a diet that is
excessively soy based is a good idea. Just get some protein and fat in
each meal and you will do fine. At the end of the day your body breaks
down any form of protein into individual amino acids whether it comes from
meat or vegetables. Get a variety of vegetarian food into you diet and you
will have a full array of amino acids for muscle growth. Here is an
example of a typical day for me:


2 scoops of Rice Protein Powder (nutribiotic brand) with 8oz of almond
milk and 8oz of soy milk. I add ½ cup of frozen mango or strawberries to
the mix and one tablespoon of flaxseed oil.

Mid afternoon snack

½ cup of almonds and ½ cup of raisens

Post Workout Shake
2-3 scoops of Rice Protein Powder with 8oz of oat or rice milk. I throw in
2 tablespoons of peanut butter and ½ cup of frozen fruit.

Late afternoon snack

Two Gardenburgers with olive oil and some Sprouted Bread(Ezekial or "Man's


Mixed Green Salad

One can of lentils steamed with squash, carrots, tomatoes, and some tofu.

Some Dark chocolate for dessert and some ginger cookies

Late Night snack

Peanut Butter or almond Butter Sandwich and an apple

Questions? Feel free to email me at

Thanks guys. She is not a vegan, just doesn't eat meat.