Need wine recommendation

I'm going to a get together tonight at a close friends house. They'll likely be drinking beer tonight, but I'd like to buy them a bottle of wine for another time.
I don't drink alcohol at all, so I'm completely lost.
Can I get a decent bottle of something for under $40 at my local Liquor Barn? Any suggestions? Phone Post 3.0

For $40 you can buy a decent red and white. If they are not normally wine drinkers you'll just be wasting your money. You could pick up a nice Charles Krug Chard. for about $20. For a red go with something from the Oregon valley. A nice Syrah or Pinot noir. Try to find some adelshiem Syrah or even a williamette valley Pinot noir. Both usually around $21. Phone Post 3.0

Skip the wine. Get a bottle of vodka and fuck her right in the pussy. Phone Post 3.0

At that price point, I'd recommend a Penfold's Shiraz. Phone Post 3.0