Need Xbox 360 HDMI Cable cheap

Hey guys. Where's a good place to pick up an HDMI cable for the 360? I saw the store sells them for $50, but that is a complete rape job and I refuse to do that when I know cables are out there for $5-10. What type will I need and where do I get them at?

Also, should I just go component instead, since it appears they are just as good as HDMI???

 any hdmi cable will work is the best place for all cables of all types

Component will probably look the same but HDMI is nice because it's just one neat cable and also carries the audio.

I can see a noticable difference when I switch from component to HDMI

sucks because my TV only has two HDMI inputs so I have one for my cable box that's always plugged in and one that I have to swap between my 360 and ps3.

I got my cables from monoprice too

never heard of

I always go with

if those are the ones from amazon I think they end up like $3 each and you can't combine shipping. So if you get two it's $6, 3 it's $9

monoprice and meritline are about the same price

I got 4 6' cables shipped from monoprice for like $14

they always have deals on them

 One thing to be aware of is that monoprice, in addition to being cheap, is also known for their quality -- even the freaks on AVSForum with their multi-100k home theaters use them. Not sure about the quality of the Amazon ones.

monoprice, monoprice, monoprice. you could make millions reselling their stuff out of a trunk in front of a best buy.

lol... when circuit city went out of business I was in there looking at random junk. I saw a guy I knew holding a marked down 6 ft hdmi cable that was still $60. I told him about buying them online and he still didn't beleive me... retard rules. I've bought probably about 10 HDMI cables from them and all of them are still working fine

only thing I didn't like from the monoprice cable is the big round thing that is on the cable on both ends(don't know what it's called)

It makes it hard to bend the cable to plug it in when it's in a cramped space and I'm afraid it puts pressure on the input