Need Xmas presents for your GF or wife or both?

I gave up years ago trying to get stuff I thought that my wife would like. I just put 500 dollars in a box with some scratch off lottery tickets and that is it. When I used to buy her gifts, the first thing she said after she opened it was “I hope you kept the receipt “.

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Bought some shit for the wife last year. Daughter stole one pair for her. Both love them. Nice shit and pretty’s damn cheap. Recommend.

Fuck bought XS

Whats the exchange process

I agree
I will talk to the old lady

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No worries, I’ll get it updated before we ship them. Should be doing it tonight.

Thanks Wes!!!1

I’m gonna go in and grab some styff

Hey what’s your order number

I just ordered a bunch of stuff last night to help out, still waiting for confirmation email

Thank you!! Much appreciated. Did you get your confirmation email yet? If not, shoot me a PM


I bought my woman a new vacuum. We’re all set :rofl:

Imagine how she’d look vacuuming in yoga pants :heart_eyes:

Ordered…please don’t rob me :wink:

Thank you sir! I’ll be shipping your order out on Friday!


Quick I sent you a DM with my order # but looks like it was shipped. Is there a way we can exchange them?

Gotcha covered!


My kid is a skinny, 5’6” teen. A size 4 I believe in Lulu.

What do you rexcoemd?

A cheeseburger.