Need Your Help w/ Internet Problem

Hey really sorry to have to do this, normally I'd do all the searching myself, but right now I'm over seas visiting my family and I'm on my cousin's very slow computer and using a very slow internet connection so I was hoping that someone might know the answer for me so that I don't have to do a couple of hours of (very slow) web searching to find the simple answer. And not only is the internet slow and iffy over here but it's also rather expensive (pre-pay for X amount of time online plus a per-minute fee for using the phone line, etc...that's actually why I'm typing this offline and planning to cut-and-paste it).

Anyways, here's the deal, my (other) cousin's computer works fine, but when they connect to the internet (dial up connection) after a few minutes they get a message saying the computer is going to shut down and that they have 1 minute to save their data. After a minute the computer shuts down. This only happens after they connect to the internet, but it happens every time they connect. It's a fairly new computer that they got within the last year, and it worked fine until recently when this problem started up. Supposedly they have a virus scanner that's updated and it didn't find any viruses, however I've yet to get to sit down in front of the computer to see for myself if they do in fact have an up to date virus scanner. Oh and one other thing, from how they were explaining the problem to me I couldn't tell if the computer itself shuts down or if the internet connection itself just closes. I'm 90% sure from how they were talking that the computer shuts down but I wasn't 100% sure.

I don't really know much about the computer, over here you don't really buy pre-built systems like from Dell, instead you go to a computer shop and you tell them what you want they price out a computer based on your specs and then you pick and chose from the list what you want to upgrade or downgrade and then they build it. I'll see if they have the final sheet listing the parts on their computer cause it should tell me what motherboard they're using and what not. I do know it's an AMD CPU in the 2000-2600 range and I believe it's running Windows XP. However stuff like motherboard (brand/model), RAM (brand/amount/speed) hard drives (brand/size), etc, I don't know

Things I'm already planning on doing when I get my hands on their computer:

Make sure they have an up to date virus scanner and run a complete system scan

Install and update Ad-aware and Spybot then run them both while off line.

Install and run Hijack This (although it doesn't seem like a problem that Hi-jack This was designed for I figured it couldn't hurt to run it).

Also, I might possibly re-install IE6 if I get really frustrated with their computer. I happen to have it on a CD here and although I don't think IE is the problem I believe they're on an older version of IE so I might as well install a newer version for them.

Again, I'm really sorry to be passing the buck and asking others for help but between the slowness of this internet connection & computer, and the cost of using the internet, I have to look for help from other people online.

I relize I'm asking other people to do my simple dirty work and I'm terribly sorry about that, but please believe me it's not really possible for me to do it myself right now and honestly, any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, sicko

Besides checking the virus scanner, one of the first things you should do is get all the Windows updates.

sounds like mydoom type virus, when the virus has an Internet connection it comes alive and plays havoc with the PC, could be wrong but i would say virus, after that check for updates but on dialup thats gonna be scarey since its probably gonna be a hell of alot of updates

Yeah everything is point towards it being the sasser worm or maybe the blaster worm. Either way at least I know what is probably is, now the problem is the 10+ MB of various fixes that I have to download (anti virus updates, firewall updates, windows updates, etc). Oh well it needs to be done. Thanks for your help though