Negligent parents, lawbreaking kids

A very good article by LZ Granderson on how parents should be held more accountable for their childrens' actions.

I don't agree with many of his pieces, but, he's hit the nail on the head with that assessment. The overall lack of parenting is at least partially to blame for their children's heinous deeds. It primarily starts with procreating out of wedlock and the children enduring an upbringing without a father. Without a father to guide the child, the child often has no discipline and does as he wants. It's an awful cycle.

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Good article.

There was a great example of this in Chicago this week.

A 7 year old kid was shot on his back porch putting his bike away after going on a ride with his family.

He wasn't the intended target- the shooter missed his intended target at a nearby park.

The shooter got arrested after being identified at the shooter, and irrefutable proof he was at the scene.

The proof? The GPS in his ankle monitor placed him there at the time the shooting occurred.

Of course, the mom of the shooter said how he's a great kid, a nice kid, and angel who would never do anything wrong.

THe shooter had the ankle monitor on as a condition of his bail on a pending dug trial. And he was also out several hours past his curfew, another condition of his bail.

But he's a good kid who wouldn't hurt anyone. Even though he did.

Don't agree with a lot of his articles, but good on LZ here.

Parenting plays a pivotal role in how a child turns out. Of course sometimes there are "bad seeds", as some people like to say, but those are few and far between. I hate it when a parent of a child who does something heinous says, "He/she was a good kid, I don't know what went wrong?", if you look at the child's history, family environment, parental influence, 9 times out of 10 you can figure out what went wrong. Crappy/morally base people tend to have crappy kids. Phone Post 3.0

When criminals raise criminals you get criminals.