Neighbor Question

My next door neighbor is a sweet lady.  50 or so, has a 17 year old son.  Divorced after she found her husband looking at porn.  As a funny aside, she accused him of being a pedo because the porn pictures he was looking at had girls with shaved vaginas. So they had to be, of course, underage. LOL  Anyway, she's a nice lady, I like her.


She has the beetus.  So she can't mow or do any outside work.  I used to help her. I'd put up her pool, her swingset, mow, trim, ect.  She eventually hired a guy who does all her outside work.  She approaches me the other day and asks for help moving stuff. She's clearing out her garage and outbuilding.  I help and then she starts giving me shit. 


I refuse, tell her I'll help her for free she doesn't need to give me anything.  She insists and she says if I don't take it she'll put it on the curb for the scarp people who patrol on trash nights.


I tell her sell it on CL. She says as a single woman she wouldn't risk having people come to her house. She can't haul anythign anyway, so it's going in the trash.


I got a treadmill, a riding mower, a scooter, a bike.  She also wants me to take her bed.  She says I can take her quickset pool or drag it to the curb.





I gave her 50.00 for the treadmill.  This other stuff I have no use for.  I guess my kids can ride the bike and the scooter but they got their own.  Anyway, fuckign FRATTA TAT TAT, my conscience is getting to me.


Should I sell this stuff for her and give her the money, or keep it myself? The tractor I got zero use for so would eventually CL it.  The bike, scooter, bed, no real use either.



Take the stuff, do what you want with it and help her out when she needs it. Though I am a bit suspicous that her no good teenage son isn't helping her with stuff.

sell and give her half? keep the mower in case yours goes to shit.

What's up with her son not doing all this shit? Is the scooter and the bike his? Phone Post

sell the pool. throw her some of the cash. white people LOVE pools! i kid, but, for real people will fight over it if the price is right.

donate the bike -- it's shitty, anyway. keep the scooter if you have kids. it's fun. decide if you need the lawn mower. i'd sell it and give the lady a cut similarly to the pool, but you may find you want to upgrade your beer + mow game.

She wants you to have it
So have it

Yea, the scooter and bike are his. He drives now, so no use for them.  They won't put their pool back up. The bed she replaced.  ect ect 


Her son is a bit socially akward and he's a fattie.  He weighs 250 or so.  He's very essence of needing to help her by mowing and moving shit, but he doesn't.  I've questioned it for the last 2 years.  But that's not my business.


Oh, she also gave me a ton of that kids old toys.  1000. worth of legos which my 9 year old was elated about.  So I'm adequatly compensated for somethign I would have done for free. 

Alco Hauler - 

What's up with her son not doing all this shit? Is the scooter and the bike his? Phone Post

Probably why she is giving away his stuff.

Sell it and buy her something nice, or just give her the cash. Keep what you can use (treadmill, mower), especially since you can use the mower to take care of both your yards now.

Ahhh fuck it, I'll take her bed and pay her. The rest I'll sell and give to her.  The more I think about it the worse I'd feel. 




Scarp people patrolling at night sounds scary as fuck. Phone Post 3.0

Pics of woman?

The Hacks Murderer - Scarp people patrolling at night sounds scary as fuck. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, made me think of C.H.U.D.s.

Vtfu op Phone Post 3.0

dude, you're a good neighbour. bless your heart for doing what you do.

if you're worried, you can always get her a nice gift, maybe something she'll use or something to show your appreciation. you're probably helping a ton by taking that stuff off her hands and she probably wouldn't go through the bother of selling it.

maybe she likes to garden or something. get her something nice with what you make selling the stuff.

doesn't have to be huge or expensive, it's the thought she'll appreciate.




good luck.

keep up the good work :)



sell and keep $

the treadmill u paid her for can be found on the craigslist free section often

VU. Split it with her. My neighbour had his mower almost die mowing his lawn. Wheel fell off and the thing was stupid smoky. So, I took my new mower over there and mowed it for him. I got iced tea from the wife out of the deal. I kept it. And it was good.

That's like a $600-700 scooter. Phone Post 3.0