Neighbors 'mortified' at new Public Hotel in NYC

Neighbors 'mortified' by raunchy sex at new Public Hotel in NYC

A bunch of uptight New York residents are getting all hot and bothered about the X-rated antics taking place outside their windows — and not in a good way.

Several tenants of a Section 8 housing complex in New York’s Lower East Side have complained of “seeing people having sex” through the large windows of the new Public Hotel, which opened up directly beside the apartment complex in June, DNA Info reports.

“The other night, two people were doing it,” said Catherine Bruno, a 63-year old resident of the building. “If my sons were little, I would be mortified.”

Another woman, Leonor Fernandez, tells The New York Post that many of the hotel’s amorous guests don’t even have the decency to shield their actions from the outside world.

“Guys are together, girls and girls are together. They don’t even pull the shades down,” said the 68-year-old, who reportedly suffers from heart problems and claims to be losing sleep over the commotion.

Making matters worse is the fact that many of Public’s rooms appear to feature floor-to-ceiling windows, many of which directly face the back units of the housing complex.

“You see them having sex all the time, hands on the window … From the corner of my eye, you can see this going on four times a week,” 26-year-old tenant Melissa Santos told the Post.

In a promotional video released in May, Ian Schrager, the hotelier behind the Public Hotel and a veteran of the hospitality industry for 45 years, explained that “Public is completely different from anything out there on the market today … Everybody is entitled to participate in a luxury experience, giving them everything they need and everything they want.

“I think it just may be the best thing we’ve ever done,” he concludes.

theya re all jealous bc they havent had sex in decades

It’s safe to say a lot of the residents across the way don’t agree with Schrager, and not just because of the sex — according to DNA Info, residents are also complaining of all the noise emanating from the crowds heading to the hotel’s rooftop bar.

Carlos Rodriguez, a member of the building’s tenants’ association, said he hears the crowds echoing through the alleyway “every single night,” and he’s not the only one. So far, at least 47 complaints have been filed with the city over the noise.

Unfortunately for the tenants, however, they probably can’t expect the city to do anything about their rowdy new neighbors — at least as far as the sex is concerned. According to Lance Fletcher, a legal expert who spoke with the Post, the hotel guests are “safe” to do as they please as long as they’re in the confines of the hotel.

A representative for the Public Hotel was not immediately available for comment.

In any case, hotel-based exhibitionism isn’t a completely new concept to New Yorkers: The city’s Standard hotel earned itself a similar reputation upon opening in 2009, after multiple onlookers reported seeing sex acts through the windows.

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theya re all jealous bc they havent had sex in decades


$200 a night



There's a law that says even if seen through a window if you are inside then there is no public nudity and can't be charge with ludeness.

There's some kind of irony about people living in Section 8 housing complaining about this, but I can't quite put my finger on it.


Marketing ploy, just like when The Standard opened they paid people to fuck with the curtains open.

Russfromlowell - $200 a night

That would be less than my rent, when I lived in NYC.

Set up a video camera, record it, and start a voyeur website.

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Pura Vida -
Russfromlowell - $200 a night

That would be less than my rent, when I lived in NYC.

What did you do for work that you paid 6K/month on rent?

Fiction writer

Pura Vida -
Russfromlowell - $200 a night

That would be less than my rent, when I lived in NYC.

yeah $200 night is dirt cheap for NYC hotel rates

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'Section 8'

who cares what the leeches think?

thats pretty much what i was gonna say

they get 80% of their rent paid for free.....

"If my son's were little, I would be mortified"

How about being mortified that you live in section 8 housing?

But yeah, it looks like a publicity stunt.