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I have read an article about the prowess of Neil Adams Newaza. Even to the point of the Gracie's being throttled by him. One of them claimed that he was Neil was his hero.
Does any one know any thing about this.

Wasn't the story that Neil taught Rorion and Royce a thing or two about jujigatame?

Story Here

Cool article. I like his comments about new MMA'ers just getting a little bit of everything, instead of specializing.

This subject has come up here before - it's debatable whether that article is legit. Check here
to see what was said last time.

Not true at all. Both Royce Graice and Neil Adams himself have denied that such a thing ever happened. When asked about it Royce Gracie did not even know who Neil Adams is.


Urban myth, but Neil is still a world-class bad ass in judo. He was a complete judoka in that his ground game was just as good as his stand-up game.

Having had the opportunity to train with Neil on a couple of occasions he is without a doubt a bad ass. I asked him about the Gracies and he just said he worked with them and had a good time. They have great ground work and thats about all he would say. I have never felt strength like his when we sparred(randori). It was very depressing to know that he wasn't going to let go until he threw you or submitted you and there wasn't much you could do about it. Great man great coach and a great Judo player. I can never talk to good about him he is without a doubt all class. There are very few men you can actually try to immolate and he is one of them. Class act 100% great guy.

I have trained with neil he is indeed world class both standing and on the ground. When teaching newaza he showed a half guard pass that i have never seen any bjj player either teach or use. Not that they may not use it I just havent seen it taught or used. Very talented and very technical n so good at arm locks its scary.

Mat Rat

Story about Adams teaching the Gracies anything most likely false

Stories about Adams being a great Judoka with a sick newaza and particularly great arm bars are COMPLETELY TRUE