Neither Slams were effective

Just saw Rampage's and Randelman's slam. Rampage's slam did not knock out Arona. I am huge a fan of Rampage. It was his head hiting Arona's chin that knocked him out. I know it looked impressive but you see slams all the time like this in the WWE. It is called a power bomb. Even though I think Rampage would have the won the fight, it was his head that caused the ko and not the slam. You can also use Randelman's slam of Fedor as an example. Keven Randelman picked up Fedor and turned and jumped and drove Fedor's back of the head into the mat. Fedor was stunned but not knocked out. Arona landed on his shoulder blades. I am curious to see what type of mat was on the ring apron. If you remember Mat Hughes slam of Carlos Newton, there was no give when Carlos hit the mat. When you look at the Fedor and Arona slam the ring mat absorbed both of the blows. If that was the same mat the ufc uses Fedor would have had a broken neck. I am starting to believe that Pride uses a real soft apron. Remeber the Bob Sap Vs. Mino fight? Bab Sapp picked up Mino and power bomb him into the mat a couple of times. I am not saying that Rampage is not strong but I would have to go with Bob Sapp in the strength department. I can think of no intentional slams for KO's in Pride(Kerr KOing himself does not count). The only ones I have seen have all be in the UFC.

Matt Hughes has powerbombed a lot of people..

I have to agree with you there. Have there been any slams in the Pride for a KO?

I think I read somewhere Mino still has his back fucked up because of the Sapp slam.

You might be right, those slams didn't seem to have effect, but you'll have to ask Arona if it was the slam or head that ko'ed him. The best slam or spike I should say, would have to belong to Frank Shamrock spiking Igor Z. Pretty much ended his career. I shouldn't really say the 'best' but rather the 'most effective', spiking somone on their head is a bit too dangerous even for mma in my opinion.

Are you kidding me?

Arona was out after his head bounced off the mat like a basketball,not after his head hit QJ's.

Fedor's slam looked worse cause he landed on the top of his head but Arona's head was moving a hell of alot faster towards the mat them Fedor's was.

kev's slam had some hangtime on it. rampage was driving it home on his.

note, not to say it was any harder.