Nelson is the UFC's new suckmeter?

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                                Nelson is the UFC's new suckmeter?

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Roy Nelson can dish it out with the best of them but unlike some of the guys in MMA, he also takes it back. Nelson poked fun at himself before his fight against Brendan Schaub on Saturday by entering the arena to "Weird" Al Yankovic's "Fat." He was blasted on the internet and courted a lot of the negative emails. He even joined Facebook's "We hate Roy Nelson" page (jumped from 400 to 675 members this weekend). He shoved in the faces of most of his critics by blasting out Schaub but Nelson's knows the nastiness thrown his way won't all stop.

"I'm the official UFC suckmeter," Nelson told Cagewriter. "If you can't get past me,  you'll get that call from [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva saying you can't fight no more."

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anyone who doesn't like this guy is probably romo, or a bitch.

ttt for roy

 I think he's a damn good fighter, so all of the negative feedback on him puzzles me.

Maybe it's because he isn't muscular possibly. I dunno :-/

I'm a fan.

He was the best fighter on the list of heavyweights when the shows cast list got released and he proved it by winning. People seem to be way to easily influenced by what Dana White thinks it's ridiculous. I'm glad he won the show and i hope he proves why he belongs in the UFC.

 anyone besides me can't help but laugh everytime they read suckmeter?


I will never like Roy,but I think he has the potential to he UFC HW champion,and I respect him as a very good fighter.

I dont know how you cant like the guy? He seems like a seriously good person as well as a fighter. I dont always like the self deprocating style... but he is funny as hell!

LiftStrong - I dont know how you cant like the guy? He seems like a seriously good person as well as a fighter. I dont always like the self deprocating style... but he is funny as hell!

I cant tell if he is a legit good guy or not,I mean he had no interest whatsoever in listening to or becoming part of the team while training w/Rashad and he came off as extremely cocky,but not to the point of being an asshole though,and I suppose it was his option to disregard Rashad if he wanted to.

I find his "fat"humor forced and uninspiring though,and it simply isnt funny,and therefore I just dont find him entertaining as a "personality"and the ironic thing is,the UFC kinda needs a funny non-intense,HW psoter boy,its just that I dont think Roy is gonna be it.

But,like I said,I DO want Big Country around,because the bottom line is HE CAN FIGHT.

No question,and everything else I said about him is secondary.

 Re: disregarding Rashad:

Roy pointed out that Rashad brought two of his own teammates with him to the show. Although it is pitched as 'team v team,' the truth is only one person can win it all. Roy pointed out that should have eventually have to fight one of Rashad's teammates, would Rashad really want him to win and coach him to the best of his ability?

I don't think the coaches should be allowed to bring their own guys anyway.


What I fins sad is that a couple of the TUF noobs I know do dislike him because of his physique. That seems so gay to me

Is that a new nickname for Big Country?

Roy "Suckmeter" Nelson kinda has a ring to it...

 It's really a Suck-o-meter.

 Big Country rules.

All the hate over his physique?

Sounds to me like most MMA fans are on the fence of gay/straight.

I like Nelson, he seems like a regular guy who happens to be a hell of a fighter. I don't care if a guy is "ripped" or whatever you call that look these days, some guys just don't get like that no matter what shape they get into. I think in Roy's case though he doesn't take the care with his conditioning and diet that would help him be the best fighter possible. He may never look like GSP, but its obvious that he is carrying way more belly than is reasonable for a professional athlete doing his best. I think because of this he draws fire. Personally I hope he gets more serious about it and has even MORE success, but I will cheer for him regardless.

Nelson defies UFC standards

TTT for Big Country