Nelson: Win could lead to title shot

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                                Nelson: Win could lead to title shot

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                    <p>UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt spoke recently with the media ahead of his fight with Mark Hunt in the main event of UFC Fight Night 52, live from Saitama, Japan on <a href="" target="_blank">UFC Fight Pass </a>at 12:30 a.m. ET.</p>

“It’s one of those fights that fans want to see,” said Nelson as transcribed by John Morgan for MMAJunkie. “Any fight that Mark’s in, people want to watch. Any fight Roy is in, you want to watch. So when you’ve got two guys that you really want to watch, it just becomes an exciting fight.”

Nelson is a Renzo Gracie black belt with excellent wrestling skills, and Hunt, well, Hunt is not a Renzo Gracie black belt on the mat. Some fans have expressed worry that Hunt will simply bypass a thrilling stand up war and smother Hunt on the ground, much like he did with Kimbo Slice, way back at TUF 10.

Why wouldn't he?

“My thing is always to put on a show,” explained Nelson. “The biggest thing with me and Mark is we always try to finish the fight, so my goal is to finish the fight. I don’t want to go five rounds.”

“I just see myself going out there and putting on a show for the fans. Hopefully, one connects and Mark goes down and that’s the fight.”

If that comes to pass, Nelson has the highest hopes. He is ranked #6 in the UFC rankings, and Hunt is #7. A spectacular win could put him in position to fight for the championship vs. the winner of November's Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum.

“If you’re in the UFC and you’re not looking for a title run, then I guess it’s a rebuilding year,” said Nelson. “I’m always shooting for the gold. I always want the championship belt.”

“My thing is to try to go forward. I’ve always been wanting to fight Cain, and I also would love to have the rematch with Werdum just because if I don’t get cut, it’s a different fight.”

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I love tout but he's delusional if he thinks this leads to a title shot Phone Post 3.0

hendofanforlife -

Hunt takes Hunt down, Hunt smashing Hunt, Its Hunt on top and Hunt on the bottom, Hunt is kicking his own ass. Hunt in full mount, rainging down Hunts and Hunt hunts Hunt for the Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt. 

Lol. That "news" was as well written as Hunt's chances of title shot with a win. And of course by Hunt, I mean Hunt. Not Hunt. Phone Post 3.0

Whatever happens I got Hunt. At first I was thinking hunt, but I can never count hunt out. Phone Post 3.0

Which Hunt shows up, and which Hunt falls down first? If I had to guess, Hunt gets a second round tko against Hunt, but these days, Hunt is sporting a heck of a chin. Phone Post 3.0

He will have to fight at least one more time, Cain/Werdum isn't happening for a little while. If he wins, he should fight AA in a #1 contenders bout or Browne after he runs through Schaub. But who knows maybe Cain has to pull out and he can be a fill in for an interim title or something. Phone Post 3.0

hunt is going to hunt hunt into a hunting manhunt.

^ Seems like they've gone away from the interim belts (thankfully). Right now we have I think 3 champs out for long periods of time without an interim champ. (Cain, Hendicks, Pettis).

Hunt vs Hunt will be epic!!! Phone Post 3.0

If Hunt just smothers Hunt, I'll be fuming. Phone Post 3.0

Lol no Stipe Miocic is on a 3 win streak that includes Roy. Delusional fighter is delusional, like his PAC mayweather statement. Phone Post 3.0