Neo Judo (no gi judo)

Got this off the UG. Originally posted by rox19.

Thought I'd share it here! :)

Former UFC fighter Michihiro Omigawa has come up with a new Neo Judo!

Many people come from a gi martial art background, such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu or Judo or even sambo. You grip the gi and use it to pull and push your opponent, right? But then when you take the gi off for MMA, you don't have the same grips anymore.

Omigawa's background is in Judo, so he's adapting Judo to fit MMA. Even in MMA sparring in training, I see him foot-sweeping people, flipping people on their butts, etc! It's great! Maybe I'll try and get a video up sometime.

I dunno how many of you are in Japan, but it's Wednesday nights from 8 PM to about 10:30 PM in the Kawasaki Yoshida Dojo branch. Phone Post

I'd like to see a vid Phone Post 3.0

Spartan79 - I'd like to see a vid Phone Post 3.0

I'll see if there's anything floating around on YouTube. Phone Post

Can't find anything on YouTube right now. At least on the YouTube(us). Phone Post

According to rox19, she will try to get some video. :) Phone Post

Seems odd that he would put a picture of himself wearing a gi on the front of a no gi judo video.

My little guy has been wrestling and doing judo for several years. It's a great way to apply no gi judo.