Nerd question about iron man

How much of the time is tony stark yelling out audibles to his system. Everything that he does has to be voice command from accelerating to deploying flares. Or is there some kind of neuro link to the suit where it responds to his thoughts. Phone Post 3.0

What is biofeedback? And Jarvis still needs to be yelled at. Phone Post 3.0

According to my Iron Man fanatic friend, he says it depends on which ironman.

Ultimate Ironman has a neuro link to his suit.

Invincible Ironman (movies), he has to yell special commands like re-routing power or focusing on specific targets. Other than that most of it is Tonys movements and Jarvis knows what to do. Phone Post 3.0

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the current Ironman is neuro-linked to his suit.

Most of the iterations (up till about 2000 or so) were a combination of vocal commands and gesture-based commands. Say, controlling flight jets via toe movements, or firing weapons via a combination of hand, finger and arm position.

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The yelling commands is mostly for the benefit of moviewatchers.