Nerd Question Of The Day - Royal Rumble



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Basic rules and information:

- Combatants are teleported to a flat-top floating structure (think of an oil rig with a flat top).

- The combatants are in a free-for all and may both kill each other and knock each other off the platform. Last man/woman standing wins.

- Aggressors are aware they’re in a fight, and give their max effort.

- Combatants carry their normal combat load and equipment.



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I'm going with Ryu Hyabusa, fighting in crowds is his specialty. Kasumi is similar but not as good, kind of like she's hummus and Ryu is refried beans. Same thing but better.

Katsumi for the jiggling tits.

I'd put my money on Ryu. Phone Post 3.0

Sabrewolf. Just because I like him and I don't think anyone else will pick him.

Heihachi Pwns all.

MRxZOBOOMAFOO - I'd put my money on Ryu. Phone Post 3.0

Yessir Phone Post

Liu Kang

Dude can turn into a dragon Phone Post 3.0

Ryu or M. bison via psycho crusher Phone Post 3.0

Psycho Crusher all day. Also Bison can fly and teleport. Phone Post

Augustus_Caesar_Showtime'd_My_Butthole - If I am controlling Bison, none can defend.

I have been told that while I am controlling M. Bison that I would often be mistaken for a god.  ;)

Give me Yoshimitsu, the ability to fly is going to play a big role in this one.

If not Yoshimitsu, Heihachi Mishima will curb stomp.

I'd say kang or bison.

DrunkSender - What are Sabrewulf, Kasumi, and Mitsurugi from Phone Post 3.0

Sabrewulf is from Killer Instinct.

Mitsurugi is from Soul Calibre.

Kasumi is from Dead or Alive (I think, didn't really play that one).

Yoshimitsu all day. Can heal himself, fly helicopter style, teleport and if they fight on a platform he'll be ring outing people like no ones business Phone Post 3.0

King all day. He does this on the regular plus his stage from Tekken 3 is an oil rig.

Behold the king! Phone Post

Also forgot yoshi and other weapon users have a range advantage over the h2h guys Phone Post 3.0

Sabrewulf is a fucking werewolf, mans.

Sagiv, maybe this has been asked before, but why no poll? I'd like to see what the final tally is for each NQOTD. Phone Post 3.0