Nerds finally have payback methods !! DFW v Anon

Seriously I can't stop laughing about this shit , now dudes in a hacking community are the tough guys ? What the hell has this world come too? What happened to a good ole ass whipping ? Are the fights after school on Xbox now ? We live in the greatest country in the world and if DFW feels he supports a bill which is not favorable to some , he has that right. But to make threats via the interwebs is freaking the funniest shit ever ! It's not the UG type interwebs threat where you want to meet up and kick some ass! It's a threat of how you will hurt him via a virtual world ? Are you sky net ?

I have seen it all now ! You better watch it DFW or we will ruin your credit and steal your accounts online!

Damn I'm gonna go play Xbox now !! Phone Post

 lol @ being a tough guy

tough guys are meant to be broken

Well apparently to break a tough guy now you new to kill his bandwidth !! Phone Post

Lmao Phone Post