nero ultra edition help

i just got this via bt, and i can burn cd's alright, well some anyways but when i try to burn divx movies to just play on my cpu it freezes up. tried disabling norton antivirus,firewall, no help. anybody have this problem? i did once have roxio on my cpu but uninstalled it. but i read somewhere that roxio still leaves junk behind so i think that may the problem. i'm trying to uninstall than install nero to see if this works but since i d/led it it has no uninstall option. help a brotha out!

wait, how are you trying to burn the CD, as a regular data onto the CD or are you trying to make a VCD or something? What exactly are you telling Nero to do

ok here it is. i'm making it a data cd. burning at 32-48 max speed. i notice this just happens with movies. sometimes my cd's fail to burn but the second time it works if i slow it down. recording with sony cd-r media, i know my computer can handle the speeds i just don't know why wheneve i burn a movie it goes well then freezes and crashes my system.

ok fellas another question. i'm thinking of uninstalling the bastard but here's the deal. how do i uninstall it? i d/led it from bt and there isn't your standard uninstall option included. so if i delete the torrent and data will it take everything off of my cpu or will it leave bits and pieces of it still on there? any suggestions? and i'm so excited i just d/led knoppix and can't wait to mess around with it. i'm such a geek later alx